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    Customer Testimonials
"My Inteso Baritone Guitar is great!  At every gig people ask about it.  It fits my playing style like a glove.  Thank you Al."

John Calvert

"My Inteso Guitar is the finest instrument that I have ever played. Thanks Al"

Steven Obus

"I asked Al to build me a simple, straightforward, acoustic guitar that played and sounded great.  And that's what he did."

John Feula

        John Feula Music.com

"I love it!  The craftsmanship is perfect!  The sound is incredible.  It plays like a dream."

Michael Price

"It's the only guitar that I've ever setup to play like an electric with low action that still sounds big, bright and boomy.  It's the best recording guitar ever."

Rick Day

"It's exactly what I asked for: a slightly shorter scale acoustic bass that is loud.  Thanks a million Al."

Phillip Shanks

"I've played a lot of acoustic guitars but none better than my Inteso.  You rock, Al!"

Jason Weaver

"It sounds great, I love it.

Now I have to sell my Martin"


John Timmerman