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Al Inteso, Luthier

  INTESO  GUITARS                                The GUITAR SERVICE CENTER

I began modifying and building guitars for fun in 1978 while playing in a rock band at night and working in the wood shop during the day. My 1st goal was to make a more versatile electric guitar that included all of the best features of the most popular models, thus eliminating the need for more than 1 guitar on stage. 
   I started building acoustic guitars, and discovered it was quite a challenge to my abilities, so I attended luthiery school in 1980.       I built guitars part time until 1988 and then it became my full time passion. I started the Guitar Service Center in Mesa, AZ and have done stringed instrument repair ever since. Over the years I have become a certified technician for all of the major instrument manufactures Including:  Martin - Gibson - Fender - Taylor - Guild etc.      Then I created Inteso Guitars and started building them for friends and customers. 

At the same time I opened an upscale recording studio dealing primarily with acoustic and folk music. It was a lot of fun working with musicians in the studio and I believe it has given me a unique perspective on the sound and function of the acoustic guitar.  I enjoy the differences that the various materials and techniques yield.  I thrive on building an instrument to suit an individual, all the details from shape to sound to appearance.  
   I take pride in making it right. I have a large collection and inventory of all of the best woods and materials for building the best guitars. I like what modern technology has brought to guitar building and have never been locked in to the old techniques. I typically build 25 to 40 guitars per year.                                                         Al Inteso